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How To Choose The Right Dog Walker

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Every type of dog breed requires different levels of activity for them to stay active and remain healthy. Regardless of this, your furry friend still needs his dose of daily walks as part of his maintenance routine and as much as you love spending every minute of your time with your adorable pooch. It’s understandable if your schedule doesn’t allow you to regularly hit the trail because someone needs to go out there and bring home delightful treats. Fortunately, this type of dilemma has been made easier with today’s availability of dog walkers and sitters to accompany your pup and go on a daily walk with them. That being said, you wouldn’t want to leave your best friend with just […]

Leash Walking 101: Essential Dog Walking Tips

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Everyone knows that dogs need to be walked outside at least once a day. This provides dogs with much-needed exercise as well as mental stimulation. Whilst walking your dog on a regular basis seems like a routine activity, they can be excellent walking companions, as long as they are well-behaved. Dog walking may seem to be a simple task but it can be tough for people who have no knowledge or training about the proper techniques. There are a few hazards out there to look out for and keep in mind that a good walk always starts with preparation and the right equipment. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that you are walking your dog the right […]

Dog Walking In Hampstead

Here at Premier Dog Walkers, we love to help dogs explore their surroundings. According to research, walking a dog can improve their mental health. That is why we offer our dog walking in Hampstead so that you can relax knowing your precious pooch is having the exercise they need. Walking a dog can come with many benefits; including keeping their nails trimmed as well as improving their happiness. We understand that sometimes it just isn’t possible for you to walk to dog at certain times of the day. That is why we offer a personal dog walker to walk your dog for you. With one of our dog walkers, your dog can explore the local parks and fields. These are […]

Dog Walkers In Finchley

Dogs are a pride and joy, but if you’re struggling to find the time to walk your precious pup, our dog walkers in Finchley can take care of your dog walking needs. With Premier Dog Walkers, you can rest assured your pooch will have the physical and social exercise they require. When your life is busy with work or other important commitments, it can be worrying for your dog’s physical and mental health. If you are concerned with leaving your dog for a lengthy period of time, our dog walkers can provide them with memorable walking adventures. Your dog can have the experience we know would please both them and you as the owner. Whether it’s running through the Arrandene […]

Trained Dog Walker In Barnet

The busy London life can be a strain on your home life; especially when you have a dog. If you’re worried about your furry friend and need a trained dog walker in Barnet to give your dog the exercise they need, our friendly staff at Premier Dog Walkers can give you peace of mind with our professional service. We have been helping countless clients over many years look after their dogs as a trusted dog walking service. Based in North London, we’re familiar with all the local hotspots for dogs and are confident we can give your dog the adventure they need while you’re away. From Hampstead Heath to Trent Park and more, we can make sure that your pooch […]

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