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Best Dog Walks In North West London Guide


Best Dog Walks In North West London Guide

London may be one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but there is still plenty of green spaces and woodland trails where dogs are welcome to run free, play ball with their walkers and sniff their way around. Off lead exercise is crucial for the wellbeing of dogs, so knowing the best spots in North West London to walk your pooch is important!

We’re lucky in this part of town to have some of the best open spaces in London. When we first began our journey into dog walking we made sure that we found all the best walks prior to working with dogs and their owners, we would use maps to find out where the open spaces were and check them out, with this we were able to find all the great places that many don’t know about! We have put together our best finds for walkies around North West London…


Big Walks


Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a particularly special place to us. It is a beautiful area that will make you question that you’re still in London. If you’re not familiar with the area, the main part of the Heath is Parliament Hill. Whilst this is a great area, we prefer the smaller surrounding areas including the Heath Brow and the Heath Extension.


Heath Brow

The Heath Brow is just across the road from the centre of the Heath and can be accessed by car via the Jack Straws carpark. Once you reach the bottom of the steps of the car park, you are presented with a gorgeous woodland area with a path circling it. This allows your dog to enjoy the fields and woodland whilst you can stick to the clear path, this is great if you’re in smart attire and don’t intend on getting muddy! Connected to this part of the Heath is Golder Hill Park, you will need to put your dog on the lead for this area as they have a small zoo on site. A great route to take once you’re halfway through your walk is to enter Golder Hill Park, visit the animals, take a break in the café and continue the walk up the path to re-enter the Heath Brow. We find that this is a marvellous way to break up your walk in this area.


Heath Extension

The Heath Extension is a different walk, which consists of a large open space with a stream running through the middle. We particularly like this space as it is a very sociable area for dogs. You are able to see all of the other visitors walking their dogs, which is a great way to meet dog owners and introduce your dog to new friends to play with. You will often see groups of people walking together who originally came to the Extension on their own!


Trent Park

We’re big fans of Trent Park, it is just a few steps away from Cockfosters station, it’s definitely worth the additional travel out of the City to find this beauty. There is free parking available and various entrances to the park, your dog is bound to enjoy running freely in the open fields, lakes and woodland. With an abundance of open space, you could get lost here for hours or socialise in the nearby café. What we like about this space is that it caters for every breed, some dogs love open fields and some enjoy the woodlands, whilst others will spend all of their time swimming in the lakes.


Medium Walks


Arrendene Open Space

Across the road from Mill Hill Park, you will find a hidden space called Arrandene Open Space. Your dog will love the open spaces with tall grass and the woodlands either side of the many paths, it is a truly beautiful area. There are so many different routes to take around this area, so you may need a few visits to find them all!


Hadley Wood

This area is not too far from Trent Park, which is conveniently placed in North West London. Hadley Wood is a different kind of walk, so if you’re looking for something a little more rough and ready, this walk is for you. We would recommend getting your wellies on and heading into the woods for this one, as opposed to sticking to the conventional paths. Once you’re in the midst of the woods by following the paths of others, you will feel at peace with your pooch at your side, with just the sound of wildlife keeping you company.


Small Walks


Coldfall Woods

We love this area, as it is a great spot if you have children joining you for your walk. The woods are not too dense which makes everything visible, meaning your kids and dogs can run freely in the space without a worry. You can enjoy the tree huts that have been built, play ball with your pet, this is a place that everyone will enjoy. With bridges over small streams, you can turn a small walk into a big adventure for the whole family!


Welsh Harp

The Welsh Harp was one of the first places that we went to when Premier Dog Walkers first started many years ago. This space is a little small for us now but we still like to pop down here in the summer to enjoy a walk along the waterside. Watching the small sailboats on the water and the views across to Wembley stadium is a fantastic sight to see. This is a very relaxing 45 minute walk that has free parking available too.


Are you interested in learning more about our recommendations for you and your dog? Get in touch today and have a chat with our lovely team via or you can alternatively call us on 0208 442 0520.

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