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Our canine buddies make for some of the best friends we could ever wish for. These selfless beings are always ready to entertain us and love us immensely and do whatever makes us happy.

To repay their unconditional love, we take them for a walk, feed them, take them to the vet, and the list goes on. We feel like we have ticked all the dog-care boxes. However, it isn’t about doing the most but about making the most of what we do for our dogs. It is really about making all those moments joy-filled and satisfying.

By focusing on our experiences with our pets, it is possible to figure out simple ways to make them happier without working too hard. There are a lot of possible ways to accomplish that, a few are discussed below.

Explore the new adventures

Dogs love exploring new places, so instead of taking them to the same park every day, consider every outing as a new adventure. Find places that your dog likes and match with its interests. Tread on the stunning green lands of Hampstead, or even take a walk in the adjacent neighbourhood to add more fun to your dog’s excursions. As a bonus, most dogs love car rides, so don’t worry about taking your best friend to far distances.

However, our busy nine-to-five schedules hinder us from exploring the unexplored with our canine buddies. Rather than keeping your dog waiting for you all day, we recommend hiring professional dog walkers that can keep your canine entertained with proper care and affection.

Dog walking services such as ensures to take care of your dog behind your back. Our professional dog walkers make sure your companion get the care and entertainment it truly deserves.

Learn more about your dog

Brush up your knowledge of your dog’s body language and learn about their cognition to avoid misreading their behaviour. Gaining more dog knowledge proves beneficial in eliminating confusions between you and your pets and results in successful communication. Its is particularly helpful in recognising when your dog is stressed, scared, nervous or uneasy, which allows you to alleviate the discomfort by removing him from that situation.

Shield them from what they dislike

Every dog has a different and unique set of likes and dislikes. Some dogs love to be surrounded by kids while some dogs are miserable in such situations. If your dog finds barking of your neighbour’s dog objectionable, take another route for your walk. Or maybe your dog is irritated with the constant jingling of their tags; tape their tags together to resolve his irritation. From the sound, a doorbell to the whistling kettle, figure out what bothers your dog and find a way to protect him from it.

Accept your dog for who he is  

Like humans, pets also find happiness in being loved for who they are. If your dog loves his own space, don’t force him into snuggling that you enjoy. If he loves to chase but is quickly gives up on retrieving, accept that your dog is not interested in an endless game of fetch. If your dog doesn’t want to get himself wet, let go of your plan of spending the weekend splashing in the lake together.

He is who he is, accept him as he is and quit making attempts to change him. There is no better way of increasing the happiness quotient of your dog than loving him as he is.

Are you worried about taking your canine to a walk? No need to rush back home at lunch, contact our professional dog walking service to take care of your canine’s needs. Contact us to have a better understanding of our dog walking services.