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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Toy For Your Canine Friend Feature

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Toy for Your Canine Friend

Your Labrador hasn’t been himself lately. Just yesterday, he ended up pulling at the threads of your beloved Afghan carpet aggressively. When you gave him a disapproving look, instead of feeling sorry, he went ahead and decided to use the cushion on your couch as his personal squeaky toy.

Frustrated, you call up your best friend —also a dog lover, to talk about how your canine friend’s been giving you a lot of trouble. And, that’s when you realize that your furry, four-legged friend’s behaviour has to do with the lack of dog toys at home.

So, once the weekend rolls in, you complete your chores in record time and decide to go on a hunt for the perfect dog toy. However, as a new dog owner, the aisles after aisles of dog toys can leave you feeling perplexed.

But don’t worry! This blog will help you navigate the tricky territory of Dog Toyland in a jiffy!

Don’t Forget the Age!

First thing’s first, before you head out to buy your canine friend a toy, don’t forget to factor in his age. As a toy that’s appropriate for a four-week-old puppy won’t be appropriate for a two-year-old dog. Therefore, if your dog’s still a puppy, he would currently be in his teething stage. This means any toy that you choose for him has to be soft and snuggly.

On the other hand, if your dog has just finished teething, feel free to pick out toys that are made from hard rubber. In short, any toy that you choose has to match your dog’s age to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on his jaw and teeth.

Consider Both the Size & Texture!

Instead of buying the first dog toy that you come across, take the time to double-check that it’s indeed the right size for your dog. To clarify, always buy a toy that’s difficult to fit behind your canine friend’s rear molars. This will ensure that the toy doesn’t pose any choking hazard.

Similarly, not all the textures of the dog toys are the right fit for your four-legged, furry friend. Therefore, if you own a German Shepherd, go for a texture that’s rough to prevent it from breaking easily in his jaw. On the other hand, for a smaller and less aggressive dog, you’re free to buy a toy that’s soft and smooth in texture.

Assess Your Dog’s Personality!

Last but not least, don’t forget to assess your dog’s personality and nature before choosing a toy for him. As an active and overexcited dog won’t prefer a cuddly toy, just like a nervous and timid dog won’t take a liking to a squeaky toy. Therefore, see what your dog’s like and try to pick a toy that you know he’ll love.

While giving your canine friend dog toys can be a great way for him to blow off the pent-up energy, it’s not enough. As dogs need to exercise regularly to avoid health and behavioural problems. Therefore, if you’re swamped at work and looking for reliable, experienced and highest-rated dog walking service in West Hampstead, get in touch with Premier Dog Walkers. From making sure that your canine friend’s happy to double-checking that he’s safe, our dog walkers are at the top of their game.

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