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3 Benefits Of Taking Your Canine Friend To The Dog Park Regularly Feature

3 Benefits of Taking Your Canine Friend to the Dog Park Regularly

It’s Saturday. The sun is peeking through the veils of clouds, making it the perfect day for catching up with friends. So, you decide to invite your best friend from college for lunch at the nearby diner. As you sit in your chair, savouring the taste of the cheesy pasta sauce, the conversation slowly steers towards dogs. That’s when you find out that your friend has adopted not one, but three Labradors from the local shelter! Surprised, you tell her how you always have your hands full with your adorable, little Maltese. And, you are even more surprised when she tells you that she takes her canine friends to the dog park regularly. But with personal and professional obligations swamping you light, right and centre, you rarely get the time to take your dog to the park regularly.  

So, before you disregard taking your dog to the dog park regularly as something unimportant, give this blog a read!

Better Health

Dog parks aren’t only a place for your canine friend to socialize with other dogs. Instead, they’re the perfect place for him to exercise its short, furry legs. As a matter of fact, dogs that are cooped up in homes for far too long and don’t get a chance to exercise, are a higher risk of developing obesity. All of this can later cause health-related issues in your dog’s life, such as high blood pressure and heart problems.

Therefore, to protect your canine friend from major health issues, take him out for a run in the dog park. However, make sure not to exert your dog beyond his limit.

Release of Pent-up Energy

Dogs are by nature very energetic beings. They love running and playing around. However, when they’re cooped up within the confines of the four walls for too long, that energy can take a very destructive shade. In fact, dogs with a high amount of pent-up energy are known to have caused damage to their owner’s homes and backyards.

Therefore, to prevent your canine friend from digging into your vegetable garden or ruining your new furniture, make sure to take him to the dog park regularly. The expansive space in the park will give him enough space to run around freely to blow off the pent-up energy.

Teach Social Skills

Taking your dog to the dog park regularly can help improve his behaviour. It’ll teach your canine friend how to communicate with other dogs via body language. Similarly, it’ll also provide a wonderful opportunity for your dog to learn about dealing with aggression and fear when around new dogs.

All in all, a dog park’s the perfect place for your dog to learn about important behaviours and socialization skills to have a healthy and happy life! However, with so many personal and professional responsibilities swamping you left, right and centre, it can be difficult to take your dog to the dog park regularly. And that’s where Premier Dog Walkers come in!

If you are looking for reliable and high-quality dog walking service in Colindale, get in touch with us.  From ensuring that your dog having fun to making sure that he’s safe, our dog walkers are at the top of their dog walking game!

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