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How to cope with an energetic dog

Some people have dogs that are happy to simply laze on the sofa or potter about in between walks, whereas others struggle to cope with a dog that can’t seem to get enough exercise – even after a six-mile country walk. If you have an energetic dog, it can feel impossible to figure out a way of navigating your life around them and their needs. However, there are a few things you can try to keep your dog happily exercised and contentedly distracted.

Buy strong dog toys

There are of course little things you can do, too. Buying robust dog toys that can endure endless chewing and tugging will be of a huge help if you have a fidgety and restless dog. Coming home to find a soft toy that’s been pulled to bits is not only money down the toilet, but also yet another chore for you to do. Finding toys that are designed for strong dogs and thick, robust dog chews will save you a few trips to the dustpan and brush.

Keep their mind busy

If your pup’s energy levels are driving you absolutely mad, then it could be a good idea to keep their mind busy, too. If you suspect their energy might be coming from boredom, then perhaps try and teach them a few tricks. If you’ve never got them to learn how to roll over or give you a paw, then take some time out to try and teach them to do it. If that’s a bit advanced for your dog, you may find that playing hide-and-seek engages their mind and yours in a way that’s fun, particularly if you have small kids too.

Hire a dog walker during the day

Most people have a job to go to, somewhere, and unless you’re lucky enough to work from home, you may be worried your dog isn’t getting enough exercise while you’re at work. Finding dogwalking services London to look after your pet while you spend the day working could help you find that much-needed exercise outlet for your dog. By searching for Dogwalkers London you could find a dog walking North London service that’s perfect for you and your dog.

Keep training diverse

When your pet is out of doggy day care, you’ll want to find activities that satisfy its curiosity and encourage it to play and have fun. Switching up the games of fetch you play or even the locations you visit will help satisfy its itch for curiosity. It’s also recommended that you don’t admonish or shout at your dog too much for being enthusiastic, as this can often exacerbate energy problems, not solve them.

Having a high-energy dog can certainly be a challenge in their own right, particularly if you’ve just come home from a long day at work, or are feeling a little under the weather. Rewarding them with fun games when it counts and hiring a dog walker during the day will help you to use up your dog’s playful energy.