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Top Benefits of Walking for You and Your Dog

Walking isn’t something that many people enjoy, but rather something that’s done out of necessity. There are some that do enjoy walking, however, as it has many physical and mental health benefits. If you have a pet, you’ll be inclined to walk a lot more. This is because dogs need both exercise and fresh air on a regular basis. This goes to show that both you and your dog could be a lot healthier if you opt to walk more frequently. In case you’re wondering what the benefits of walking are for you and your dog, you’re going to find a number of them below.

Boost Happiness

One of the first benefits of walking for both you and your dog is that it can help boost happiness. Did you know that within five minutes of cardiovascular exercise, you could feel happier? This is because once you start moving, your brain releases serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine which tend to make you feel good. As for your dog, walking can help them feel happier as it helps meet their emotional needs. This is because they get to spend time with you and bond which helps with their TLC needs.

Sense of Community

Another benefit of walking your dog is the sense of community it can make the both of you feel. Dogs tend to do so much for the community by making the owners happier citizens, and they can also help you be a lot more social. Have you ever gone for a walk in the park and seen another dog owner and exchanged smiles as a result?

This is positive as it can lift your mood and also give your dog a chance to interact with other dogs. You should also think about walking in new communities for a change of scenery and different experience. On days that you can’t walk your dog, do an internet search for dog walking Maida Vale, for example, so you can find a dog walker to fill in for you.

Improves Health

When you take the time out to walk with your dog, you’re improving your health. Walking your dog is even said to beat going to the gym which shows how beneficial it is. Although briefly mentioned above, walking your dog can do a significant amount in terms of helping you keep fit. Here are a few ways that it does so below.

  • Keeps Your Heart Strong: Brisk walking can help keep your heart strong by increasing your heart rate. This, in turn, helps to prevent coronary heart disease which affects men and women in the UK every year.
  • Strengthens Your Bones: Walking can also help make your bones stronger preventing the onset of osteoporosis which tends to make your bones brittle and break far easier. This is a great reason to walk every day as it has positive long-term effects.
  • Weight Loss: Being overweight can cause a series of issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. However, by brisk walking with your dog, you’re more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Connecting with Nature

One last benefit of walking for you and your dog is your ability to connect with nature. It’s always good to get fresh air and take time out to meditate and embrace the world around you. Being in nature can reduce stress for both you and your dog as it can be relaxing as well as calming.

Walking can make you look and feel better and is also a great way to unwind and relax. After reading these benefits, hopefully, you’ll look forward to the next walk with your dog.