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Teaching Your Four Legged Friend How To Play Fetch Feature

Teaching Your Four-Legged Friend How to Play Fetch

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve always wanted a dog. And finally, last week, your wish was granted when you got the chance to adopt a dog from the local shelter. Brimming with energy and excitement, you bring this small, golden furry ball of energy home. But you know that this transition might be a tad stressful for your new canine friend. After all, moving to a new environment and home isn’t easy!

So, to ease him into the unfamiliar home and help him bond with you better, you decide to teach him the game of fetch. However, as a first-time dog-owner teaching your dog how to play the game of fetch can be a bit tricky. And that’s why we’ve put this blog together for you!

So, let’s take a look at how you can teach your dog to play fetch!

Introduce the Toy

First things first, to teach your canine friend how to play fetch you need to pick out a good toy. Once you’ve done that, introduce the fetch toy to your dog. You can do this by placing the toy near your feet. This will encourage your dog to get closer to it. Therefore, as soon as he gets near the toy, praise your dog and give him a treat.

Similarly, if your dog touches his nose to the toy, praise him generously and give treats. Keep treating this process until he doesn’t take a liking to the toy.

Move the Toy

Once your canine friend knows that touching the toy equals to getting treats, start moving the toy around. However, try not to throw the toy or move it extremely far. Instead, you should simply hold the fetch toy at various angles and encourage him to touch it.  Make sure to praise and treat him every time that he succeeds.

Get Him to Grab the Toy

Now the next step is to teach your dog how to grab the toy instead of only touching it. However, it’ll require you to a bit patient as it can take a bit longer for your dog to learn this step.

So, start by placing the toy on the ground. If your dog touches the toy with his nose and starts using his mouth, immediately praise and treat him. Therefore, the key is to praise and treat every time your dog’s close to biting the toy.

Throw the Toy Farther

Once your dog has successfully passed through all the steps, you should up the game by increasing the distance gradually. With each successful fetch, offer your dog praise and treat. Keep repeating this process until he doesn’t understand what this game’s all about.

While playing fetch can be a good way to bond with your friend, at times, work and personal obligations can get in the way. And, that’s where we come into the picture! If you’re looking for reliable, experienced, and highest-rated dog walking service in Hendon, get in touch with Premier Dog Walkers.

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