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Started travelling regularly with work? Here’s how to care for your dog

When you get the news that you’ll have to start travelling regularly with work, it can be an incredibly exciting chapter of your career. Jet-setting across the globe can certainly give you the ‘made it’ feeling, not to mention the opportunity to experience new cultures and meet potentially career-changing clients and contacts.

However, the flip-side to this is it can be hard on our pets who will miss us while we’re out gallivanting around the globe. Keen to move forward with your career but want to ensure your dog is treated well in the process? Here are a few tips.

Treat them upon your return

This doesn’t necessarily mean fill their bowl with doggy chocolates or snacks, although a few food treats might not go amiss. Treating them to tonnes of affection and love when you get back reassures them that they were missed and everything is alright. This will also help to rid yourself of any guilt as a result of travelling you may have been experiencing as a result of travelling so frequently with work – just to be sure not to over-indulge your dog.

Book into a reliable overnight dog boarding

If you’re living and working in London, for example, then ideally you’ll be using a dogwalkers London service to ensure that your pup is getting the human contact it needs while you’re at work. In the same vein, putting them with a reliable overnight dog boarding service will allow you to travel, and leave you beloved pet in more than capable hands. By searching dogwalking services London, you should come up with plenty of doggy day care options.

Putting your dog with people who are experienced in looking after dogs will enable you to relax while travelling. Boarding services are much more sophisticated than large-scale kennels, so you can rest assured that your dog will receive the attention that it needs.

Amp up the amount of time you spend with them

If you’re in-between travelling, then try and increase the amount of time and attention you already give them. This is particularly the case if you are approaching a trip away with work. Spending quality time on weekend and after work with your pet reassures them that they are loved, and will also do wonders for your own conscience before your leave. There’s also something to be said for maintaining a bit of normality in your routine before you leave as well. If you use a dog walking north London service to walk your pet for you during office hours, then do keep this up, as it’s healthy for your dog and your peace-of-mind.

It’s perfectly normal to experience a conflict in emotions if you’re starting to travel regularly with work, away from your dog. To make this easier on both you and your dog, the best thing to do is do the most you can for your pet, and reward them for being good while you’ve been overseas or far away.