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Ever Considered Therapy For You Dogs Here’s What You Need To Do Feat

Ever Considered Therapy for you Dogs? Here’s What You Need to Do

Having a company of a dog might be the best therapy to feel good but have you ever thought this about your little friend too? Of course, we know you love your dog and you try to keep it happy as much as you can, but dogs can never get enough of enjoying care and attention. Being a dog owner and having a busy work schedule can be upsetting at times too, because it is heart breaking when you come home after a tiring day and see your dog’s adorable I-was-missing-you-human face, and if this continues for a long time; your dog can become depressed, aggressive, or anxious. If this is the case with your dog, then we suggest you to consider therapy for it.


It is very common in animals to become aggressive when protecting themselves, their offspring, or their territory. Dogs also sometimes show aggression to express discomfort and uneasiness. Aggression in dogs can and should not be ignored because it can turn from ‘just growling’ to ‘direct attack’ in worst case scenarios. If you see such behaviour in your dog and it is getting severe day by day, you should take your little friend to get therapy.

Seeking help from a qualified professional can be your best option. They can help you maintain a treatment plan for your dog according to your routine and family environment, and can also do modifications in the plan as required.

Chewing Destructively:

We all know dogs love chewing stuff. Young dogs do it to relieve the pain caused by incoming tooth, older dogs do it to keep their teeth clean and jaws strong. Chewing also helps dogs to deal with frustration and anxiety.

Destructive chewing can be caused due to anxiety caused by separation or from hunger too. Dogs on calorie restricted diet can form this habit in order to find more sources to gain nutrition from.

As a dog owner, in this situation, you should try keeping your important stuff away and give your dog inedible chewing bone and some toys of his own. It’ll always be a good option to change its toy every week so that it won’t get bored from same toy. Spraying your important things with chewing deterrent can also stop your dog from destructing them. Your dog will take the thing in his mouth, and because it won’t like the taste so it will spit it out and will never try to take it for chewing again.


Howling is another common practice, a way of communication, used by dogs. Sometimes when dogs feel unwanted and ignored, they howl to show their presence. It can also be their response to high-pitched sounds such as emergency sirens or loud music.

You come home from work and your neighbour tells you that your dog was howling the whole time. Does this sound familiar? Well, if it does, then it is the sign that your dog is anxious of separation for a long time. It can also happen if you are a dog walker, and you skip it one day, the dog will definitely feel unattended and howl to express that it’s upset.

Try teaching your dog to be quiet. Start by provoking it to make noises and when it does, tell it to be quiet, once it is quiet, pet it and treat it. It’ll know that you like it more when it stays quiet.

There are many more behavioural patterns that might need therapy. Keeping a dog isn’t that easy as it sounds. It comes with a lot of training and work. You might also need help from a professional dog trainer to learn about dogs and their habits.

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