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Dog Whistles And How To Use Them Feat

Dog Whistles and How to Use Them

A silent dog whistle is used to train a dog. It is commonly used by professional dog trainers, and its primary purpose is to communicate with the dog when verbal communication does not work. A human ear might hear an indistinct sound of a whistle, but dogs can listen to loud and clear whistle sounds.

Using a silent dog whistle means more than just giving it short quick blow because a random quick whistle might make your dog attentive, but it won’t convey your command to your dog. If you want to train your dog, you have to learn the right way to use the silent dog whistle.

What Is A Silent Dog Whistle?

Silent dog whistle was invented by Francis Galton, and that is why it is also called Galton’s Whistle. It uses ultrasonic sounds as a human hear is unable to, them, but it is entirely audible to dogs and cats. Dog owners and dog trainers who need to control and communicate with their dogs from a distance use silent dog whistle.

Performance, search and rescue dogs often get lost from the sight of their owners and trainers. Silent dog whistle can help at such situations to maintain communication with your dog as the sound of a silent dog whistle does not get mixed up or lost among all other external noise. Dog owners can use silent dog whistle at home to train their dogs and fix some bad behavioural issues.

Why Is Silent Dog Whistle Important?

You know that your dog loves to run and when you take it to a park or beach, it would enjoy the open area and run freely to express his happiness. In such situations, controlling your dog can become difficult; you cannot get hold of him and chances are that your dog can end up hurt. To make your dog listen to you, even from a long distance, dog-whistle helps a lot.

You might also want your dog to behave well while he’s around other people, especially those who do not like dogs. No dog owner would want his dog to scare people away or trouble them. Using a silent dog whistle can help you maintain control over your dog even when he is not on a leash.

Dog Whistles Vs. Verbal Commands

Mostly, dog owners maintain verbal communication with their dogs. But your voice can only be effective when your dog is nearby, and you have his attention. Professional trainers use verbal communication to give simple and basic commands to their dogs, and they suggest the same to dog owners. People complain when their dogs do not listen to them, but it is the complicated command that confuses the dog and lowers his persistence to remain attentive. Using a whistle can help your dog recognise the command that you are giving to him even when you are at a distance or in a crowd where it can be tricky to get your dog’s attention.

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