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How to Combine a Workout and Walking Your Dog

Fitness is something that’s becoming increasingly important in people’s lives. Everyone has different reasons why they want to keep fit and most revolve around health and self-image. As you probably know already, the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle are endless, so you have nothing to lose by making the decision to do so.

If you happen to have a dog, then you know that activity is important to them as well so walks are probably something you do regularly. In case you’re short on time and are thinking of combining your workout with their walks, here are a few ideas.

Go Hiking

If you want to combine a workout and walking your dog, one idea to explore is going hiking. This is an opportunity for you to burn calories and see beautiful views with your dog. If you need inspiration in terms of places to hike, especially if only for a day, see a few below.

The Glyders, Snowdonia: if you’re interested in a 7-mile hike with your dog, try going to this destination. It will apparently take 5 hours to finish the trail making it the perfect place to go for a day.

Ben More, Isle of Mull: A little longer than the Glyders, this hike is 7.5 miles and will take around 6-7 hours to cover the entire trail. It is also Britain’s last active volcano making it a historically rich destination for you and your dog.

Marsen to Edale: The longest hike so far is the Marsen to Edale trail at 22 miles and taking 10-12 hours to complete. However, you’ll get to take in stunning hills and you’ll find it hugely rewarding.

Run in the Dog Park

Aside from hiking, if you want something not so intense to do that will allow your dog to walk and you to workout, try running around in a dog park? This way your dog gets to have the time of their life and you also get to burn calories and get your cardio in. In terms of places you can walk your dog, there is Battersea Park and also Crystal Palace park. The most ideal thing to do would be to Google dog parks in your area so that you can find one that isn’t too far away. However, if you don’t have the time, an alternative would look into the best dog walking North London can offer and see if you can hire someone to do it while you work out.

Play Catch

Most of the times, any good workout consists of enough physical activity, so technically, there are no rules in terms of the way you have to exercise. In light of this, think about going head to head with your dog and playing catch as this should give you a good run around and you should find it fun too. Playing catch is a form of running, so this means you should help improve your memory and learning as well as make you feel better physically.