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At Premier Dog Walkers we understand that your furry little friend is a vital part of the family unit. The company and love provided by a dog knows no bounds and that’s why they are such special creatures. We love them for the very same reason that you love them, and we would love to be the people to take care of your dog when you’re not available to.

Whether that means availing of our dog-walking N3 service, our dog daycare service or our overnight boarding, rest assured that your canine companion will have the time of their doggy lives. We believe that dog lovers are the most compassionate people around, and at Premier Dog Walkers our dedicated team of professionals work here because they are, quite simply, crazy about dogs. It’s not a job, in the traditional sense, for any of us.

Your dog’s happiness is our goal:

Whether you’re going on holiday and want to place your furry friend in our doggy hotel, or you won’t be around during the day and want to enlist our daycare or walking services, we guarantee an unrivalled service of care and affection. We’ll even send you pictorial updates of your dog enjoying their time with us. We cut no corners during walks and, rest assured, your pooch will enjoy a nice nap after being given a lengthy and healthy exercise.

We believe we stand out from any other company that offers similar services because we care so much. We love all dogs, no matter what shape, colour or size and we have a deep understanding of what makes them happy. For instance, in order for any dog to be at the peak of their happiness, they must be walked regularly. If you are in a situation where you can’t walk him/her as often as you would like, just get in touch with us. We cover a vast geographical landscape, so if you need a dog walking N3 service call us now.

Happiness through exercise:

People who don’t understand dogs don’t think they can smile. However, we know this to be wrong – and so do you! A happy dog is that active type of canine whose tongue is hanging out and whose teeth are on display for all to see in a fully-formed white smile. This is the very appearance that all dogs in our care give off at regular intervals during the day.

Whether you need our services for a day, a week or on an ongoing basis, we can’t wait to hear from you. Your dog won’t be able to thank you for using us, but their big, toothy smile will tell you all you need to know.