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Do you need a dog walker in Barnet to take care of your dog’s walking habits during the day? For reliable and friendly dog walkers, look to our staff at Premier Dog Walkers. We love walking all types of pups and are sure they will enjoy their time with a member of our team.

We have worked with many satisfied clients over the years who have sought to find a suitable dog walking solution. During our time in the service, our walkers have grown to become companions with many four-legged friends and hope to make many more with every client that chooses our team.

By choosing us to walk your dog, we can make sure they are taken care of by walking them through safe and secure areas. From Trent Park to Finchley, Hampstead Heath and more, we’re sure their adventure will leave them happy and worn out from an exciting outdoor experience.

As a precaution, and to give you peace of mind, all of our walkers are insured and regularly police checked to make certain they are suitable for walking dogs. Moreover, as an additional part of our service, we try to make sure dogs are clean upon their return so that you can save time scrubbing away at muddy paw prints on your furniture! So don’t wait to choose our dog walkers at Premier Dog Walkers today!

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