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Dog Walking In Hampstead

Here at Premier Dog Walkers, we love to help dogs explore their surroundings. According to research, walking a dog can improve their mental health. That is why we offer our dog walking in Hampstead so that you can relax knowing your precious pooch is having the exercise they need.

Walking a dog can come with many benefits; including keeping their nails trimmed as well as improving their happiness. We understand that sometimes it just isn’t possible for you to walk to dog at certain times of the day. That is why we offer a personal dog walker to walk your dog for you.

With one of our dog walkers, your dog can explore the local parks and fields. These are the perfect ways to help your dog get the adventure they need; all the while being in the safe hands of our experienced dog walkers.

All our dog walkers are insured and police checked. To give you peace of mind, copies of these documents and a photocopy of the dog walker’s passport will be supplier upon agreeing with us to walk your dog.

If you would like to hire one of our dog walkers or find out more about our services, you can give us a call on 0208 442 0520 or email us via

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