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Choosing The Perfect Dog Walker For Your Pup

Choosing the Perfect Dog Walker for Your Pup

We know you love your dog and we do understand if you are unable to take out time for your dog! Being a pet owner with loads of responsibilities is stressful! A hectic schedule and a tough routine make it difficult for dog owners to spend quality time with their dogs. Addressing all their basic needs becomes challenging.

It is best to hire a professional dog walker in Highgate if your busy schedule does not allow you to take your dog out yourself! It is perfectly normal to opt for professional help because you cannot always be there at all times!

Choosing the perfect dog walker is challenging, and there are numerous factors that one needs to consider. If you have an interview scheduled up with a potential dog walker, do not forget to discuss the following!

The Training

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a professional dog walker are the training. A dog walker professionally trained for reading body language, canine learning theory, and pack management is the right choice. You must analyse if the potential dog walker has the capability to prevent fights, understand the compatibility between different types of dogs, and has the ability to keep a group together.

The Experience

The experience of a dog walker is another essential factor to consider when choosing the right dog walker. It is necessary to know whether the potential candidate works in other capacities besides dog walking. Asking about the experience will help you understand if a dog walker is actually passionate about dogs or is just looking for an extra stream of income.

Type of Equipment and Training Methods

The type of equipment and the training methods one uses is an important factor that needs utmost attention when choosing the right dog walker. A dog walker must possess the capability to handle the group of dogs, and keep them safe, without using any violent techniques such as choking, hitting, yelling, using shock collars, or water sprays. The primary purpose of dog walking is to help the dogs have a good time!

Licenses and Insurance

Having a business license and dog-walking insurance is mandatory for a professional dog walker. Therefore, when interviewing the candidate, make sure you discuss all the licenses and insurance they possess.

Certified to Provide Canine First Aid

When talking about dog walking, it is not wise to ignore the worst situation. There are chances that the dog might get injured while out for a walk. In such a case, the dog needs to be with a professional who is certified to provide canine first aid.

Scenario-based Questioning

Engaging in scenario-based questioning is the best way to know if a dog walker is experienced enough to take your pup out. Put forward scenarios in front of the dog walker and analyse their level of expertise based on their answers. It will provide you with a clear idea as to how well an individual can manage an emergency!