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Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker in North London

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and being greeted by your wonderful dog. Every dog owner knows that their dog is more than just a pet – they’re part of the family and offer endless amounts of joy. However, owning a dog is a huge commitment, as they deserve as much time and attention as possible. If you’re living in North London, you probably feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day – even more so when it comes to giving your furry canine a mid-day walk.

This is where hiring a trusted dog walker in London comes in. After all, North London is full of beautiful open spaces for your pooch to explore; from Primrose Hill to Maida Vale and Tent Hill, you can rest assured that your dog is getting the exercise they need whilst you’re paying those bills. At Premier Dog Walkers we know that you need to be able to trust someone one to look after your beloved pup, so we’ve put together a few reasons why you should hire a dog walker in London. The more information you have, the better you’ll feel!

1.You work long hours

If you’re living and working in London, then your profession probably requires you to work long hours. The average Londoner spends 38.1 hours a week at work (Statista) – that’s without commuting nor overtime. If you find yourself getting to work before you’re supposed to and leaving after everyone else, popping home to give your dog a mid-day walk is probably not feasible. Furthermore, if you’ve had a 12 hour day, and have had to battle Zone 2 of London’s tube line to get home, you’re probably sobbing as you muster up the energy to walk your canine companion. Instead of exhausting yourself or feeling guilty whilst you’re at work, grafting to give your pooch the best life possible, why not look around for trusted dog walking services in North London? This means your precious pupper gets to stretch their legs and explore the amazing dog walking places in North West London. From Finchley to Belsize Park, they’ll run around with their furry friends whilst you’re working, and be ready for some love and attention when you get home.

2. You feel guilty

Every dog owner gets that pang of guilt as they leave their dog at home and go to work. Those puppy dog eyes only intensify that, making you feel even worse when you know that your dog cannot wait for you to come back and shower you with affection. If you struggle with feelings of guilt when you spend a long day at work, then hiring a dog walker near you can help ease that, as you’ll have the knowledge that your precious pooch is getting some exercise, companionship and fresh air.

3. Your dog has loads of energy

Dogs are renowned for being full of beans – it’s one of their best qualities! However, if you know you’re going to get home from work to a hyperactive pooch and another pair of chewed up shoes, we recommend you hire a dog walker who can come and walk your dog during the day. This means your dog can run around the many parks of North London, releasing some of that pent up energy. It also means that you’ll come home to a much calmer dog, making your evening dog walk in London a little shorter and more relaxed.

4. Your dog gets to see their canine companions

At Premier Dog Walkers all of the pooches we walk are friendly and love socialising with other dogs. Socialising is a crucial part of having a well-behaved dog who excels in lessons of being a good boy/girl. Hiring a dog walker means your beloved dog will have even more opportunities to interact with other dogs, therefore building their confidence and learning how to adjust to new experiences. With so many dog walking places in North West London, there will be plenty of furry friends for your pup to meet!

5. Peace of Mind

If you’re feeling guilty and stressed out about the fact that your dog isn’t getting the exercise they deserve, then hiring a trusted dog walker will alleviate all of those negative feelings and give you peace of mind. When you know that a trusted dog walker is taking your dog for their daily walk, where they can have fun, socialise and exercise, then you can relax a little.

6. Your dog needs exercise

Every dog has the right to live an active and healthy life. Exercise is crucial for your dog’s health and stimulation. If you’re struggling to give your beloved dog the exercise they deserve then hire a dog walker to help you!

Trusted dog walking services in North West London

At Premier Dog Walkers, we’d be honoured to take care of your canine companion when you can’t be there. When you choose to use our dog walking services in North London, your chosen dog walker will be a companion for your dog and treat them like they’re a member of the family. Whether you need a dog walker in Kilburn, Garnet or St John’s Wood, we’ll come and walk your precious pooch. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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  1. Hi there, I live in Dartmouth Park Hill and have just gotten a puppy. He’s 9 weeks and I’m starting to think about care for him. Myself and my partner are both freelance so although I’m off at moment to look after puppy and then my partner is next week I’m stRting to investigate day care for the puppy when we both have to work. Baxter, our cavapoo, won’t be able to go out till early February and then it will be short walks etc.

    Wondered what your thoughts were on this and what you would suggest care wise in the coming months.


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