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How to improve the confidence of a shy dog

Shy dogs can seem like a preferable option to an over-enthusiastic personality. However, they can come with their own challenging problems. Owning a dog that’s frightened of other dogs and other people can be frustrating when it comes to walks and socialising. If you’re trying to find ways to improve their confidence and reassure them when exploring the outdoor world, there are a few methods you can try.

Be patient

The confidence of your dog will not improve overnight. It can be frustrating to see your dog struggle to meet new dogs and people, but by constantly working at it and learning you will eventually improve your companion’s social skills. Be reassuring, and support your dog as they go through the process of learning to trust new individuals and dogs. Every time you hit a new milestone, reward them with a treat to show that they are on the right track.

Keep watch

If your dog is particularly bad in some situations, it might be a good idea to try and identify what triggers set them off. By spotting what your dog is particularly cautious around, or what instances cause them to bolt for cover, you can start to problem solve. For instance, if your dog is frightened of situations with lots of people, you can start to troubleshoot the issue by taking them to small gatherings where they have an opportunity to desensitise themselves.

Don’t be afraid to advance the situation

Taking your dog on the same quiet walk every day will not do much to help their shyness. Experimenting with situations that they struggle with can do wonders for helping them to approach their fears with caution. For example, going to the pet shop with them, and going to areas where there may be plenty of other dogs such as dog walking north London will help them to realise there was never much to worry about in the first place.

Allow them to use a dog walking service

For those of us who are away regularly, or have nine-to-five jobs, we may have to enlist a dog walking service to help our pets get enough exercise and human contact during the daytime. Using dogwalking services London to help get your dog used to socialising and being around other dogs. This, in turn, will help them be far more willing to behave when taking them out yourself in social situations. Searching for dogwalkers London will help you find local dog-sitters in your area. These places also offer doggy day care, which could be ideal for dogs that get shy or nervous in the presence of other dogs.

Adopting a shy and nervous dog might seem like an uphill challenge to begin with. Giving them small tasks and increasing the challenge over time will eventually show your pup that there’s nothing to really worry about. Remember to always be patient, however, as throwing them in the deep end can be more stress than it’s really worth.