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5 Things To Do With Your Dog on a Walk

Having a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. The saying often goes that dogs are man’s best friends and for many people, this rings true. They have so much love to give and can be protective as well as entertaining. However, they’re also a huge responsibility as they need your love, attention, and care in different capacities. One of the ways you show this is by taking your dog for a walk. To ensure these walks remain exciting and something you both look forward too, see a few tips below.

Play a Game

Dogs tend to enjoy when you engage them, so why not play a game during your next walk? If you already have a particular game that your dog enjoys playing, then play it during your walk. In case you need ideas for the types of games that you can play, perhaps try playing catch with a ball. Another idea would be to play hide and seek sniff and search in which they have to sniff out an object. You can hide a small treat ball with their favourite snack and give them the task of finding it.

Go to New Areas

Another idea for things you could do with your dog on a walk is to take them somewhere new. This is a chance for you both to switch up your routine and explore a new neighbourhood or park. You could decide to go somewhere far away or stick to a nearby location. Even more exciting, why look into the best opportunities for dog walking London can offer, by taking them on a tour to some of the tourist areas?

Go for a Run

For those who have been lagging behind when it comes to their workouts, this may be a perfect time to go for a run. It’s a chance to make your heart healthier, boost your wellbeing and lose weight. You’ve likely seen people with their workout gear on running after their dog and it isn’t because they’re crazy. This is a great way to get your dog to burn off some energy and for you to do the same in the process. You can even play games with your dog in between to make it all the more interesting.

Go to a Pet-Friendly Store

If your dog’s toys all seem to be chewed up and worn out and it’s time for a new set, you should take a trip to a pet-friendly store. It’s an opportunity to both take them out for their daily dose of fresh air and get them some new toys or snacks.

Teach Them Something New

Training your dog can be an extremely rewarding feeling. During their walk is the perfect time to explore new things with them. A few common tricks that you can teach them if they don’t know them already is how to jump, kiss, roll over, play dead, or hug.

Walking your dog can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. On days where you aren’t able to walk them, you can always get a dog walker to do it and give them some of the ideas mentioned above to keep your dog happy and engaged.