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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Taking Your Canine Friend To The Dog Park For The First Time 2

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Your Canine Friend to The Dog Park for the First Time

It’s the weekend. You’ve done your load of the laundry for the week. Even the grime from your marble countertops has been scrubbed clean. Now you’re sprawled in front of the T.V, eating pretzels as you watch an episode of the Black Mirror.

A few seconds later, your Labrador runs into the room and nudges you to get off the couch. You pat him gently as you concentrate on the scene on your screen. After all, you deserve to have some downtime after a physically taxing week at work!

But your canine friend isn’t having it. He looks into your eyes with a pleading expression on his face. And, you can’t help but give in.  So, you get off the couch, brush off the pretzel crumbs from your sweatshirt and ask your canine friend to follow you out the door.

You’re halfway through the neighbourhood when you decide to switch things up a little and introduce him to the dog park. But, as a dog owner taking their canine friend to the dog park for the first time, it can be a bit difficult to understand how to make it a safe and fun experience. And, that’s why we’ve put together this important list for you!

So, let’s take a look. Shall we?

Let Your Dog Have Fun

Perhaps, one of the greatest mistakes that you can make is only taking your dog to the dog park when he needs to exercise. When in fact, dog park’s a great space for dogs to not only exercise but also to play around, have fun and let loose. Therefore, don’t deprive your dog of this excellent opportunity to run around in the green fields.

However, if your dog’s overly excited, it’s best to first take him on a walk before letting him into the park. As allowing your dog into the park in an excited state can cause total chaos.

Avoid Taking Your Dog If Infectious

If you’re taking your canine friend to the dog park for the first time, ensure that he doesn’t have any infectious disease. This includes, but isn’t limited to; cough, fleas, and parasites. Therefore, if your dog’s suffering from any of these conditions, it’d be advisable to stay far away from the park. As taking your dog in such a state to the park will put other dogs at the risk of infestation.

Thus, get approval from your vet if your dog has recently recovered from any form of infestation or disease.

Get Vaccinated First!

If you’re planning on taking your dog to the dog park, make sure that he has had all his vaccinations done. Otherwise, it’ll not only put your dog’s health at risk but also expose other dogs to severe infections. Thus, don’t forget to get your canine friend vaccinated first!

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