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3 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Sitter

Dogs are an amazing species and bring immense joy to those around them. These lovable creatures are a full-time responsibility as they need to be nurtured and raised. This can sometimes be hard to manage if you have a hectic schedule. At times, you may need a few extra hands to help, especially when life gets busy. With that being said, here are four reasons why your dog may need a sitter.


1.) For Physical Activity

Just as humans need physical activity, the same can be said about dogs. They need a reasonable amount of exercise to keep their brains active and help them relieve stress. The amount of exercise your dog needs is dependent on their age, breed, fitness level and personality. However, between life work and family you may find it difficult to give them the amount of exercise that they need. Seeing as consistency is important for dogs, this could lead to you feeling guilty or as though you aren’t doing a good enough job. However, by looking for dog walking services London online, you can get someone to do the job for you when you aren’t able to.

2.) To Help Them Socialise

It is important that your dog is social because not only can it help their development, but it also is beneficial to those around them. On that note, you should know that research finds that dogs add social value to society. For one, pet owners are said to report better happiness and health and also decrease the chances of depression in people suffering from bereavement. In light of this getting a dog sitter will ensure that your dog interacts with someone other than you and your household members and gets used to socialising with other people.

However, if you happen to have a puppy, you should begin introducing them to new people gradually so that they’re better able to cope. If you’re struggling to get your dog to socialise, it may be a good idea to get them to do obedience classes and offer treats.

3.) Gives You a Break

Looking after a dog can be time-consuming as they have needs just as you do. Nevertheless, you need a break from time to time and getting a dog sitter is a way for you to make sure you get your well-needed break. The reality is that if you want to give your pet the best of you, it’s imperative that you rest when you need to. Also, you never know when you may need to travel and need someone to look after your dog.

Getting a sitter for your dog may be one of the best decisions that you make. However, it’s imperative that you choose one that’s right for your dogs’ needs so that it’s an easy transition for him or her. You will certainly find a dog sitter to be beneficial in more ways than one! They can work around you and your schedule, and will also always have the best interests of your dog at heart.